Nitron dampers are designed, tested and manufactured in Great Britain in Witney, Oxford. Al. Nitron’s official factory supplier of shock absorbers for racing cars Lotus Motorsport Cup. Racing cars with their dampers winners of numerous international motorsport competitions and překovávají world speed records.

In special designs they are delivered to the project Bloodhound SSC. Bloodhound SSC is a project team Richarda Nobla. It is a supersonic car that would establish a new speed record, to conquer the speed of sound and reach a speed of over 1.600 km / h. It will have a capacity of over 135,000 horses!

The product offer Nitron dampers are not only for BMW, Ford Focus RS, Honda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Subaru, but also for exotic cars as Caterham, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Lotus, Noble, Opel Speedster, Radical, or TVR.
If you own a car whose dampers as standard are not, do not worry, you produce is custom-made to match your exact needs.


Nitron dampers are manufactured from aluminum, titanium and steel, and thus are also one of the lightest of the world. Each set of dampers get service book with a birth certificate, where you can see who assemble dampers, who carried out the final inspection and includes a table and to record how many km is installing the maintenance took place and who conducted it. All series Nitron dampers are rebuildable and thus help with regular maintenance will last forever. During normal use, the service interval after about 30 -40 thousand. km and in use in elite motorsport undergoing maintenance approximately every 15 hours of racing.


The new dampers you can define your own hardness of springs that you Nitron deliver in exchange for the original rule, free of charge. Shock and allow additional upgrade to a higher series, so if after some time decide that your car will spend more time on the track than in normal operation, so you do not buy a new set of shock absorbers. The Nitron is for you reset to a higher specification and thus save a lot of money.


If you are thinking about riding mostly operating normally and the occasional visit to the circuit, then you are perfect absorbers series  NTR Fast Road .


If you are on the track a little more often, but still will be the main vehicle use on normal roads and reach for a series of  NTR Track Day .


Well, if it’s contrary to racing you’re serious and you can choose one of three variations racing dampers  NTR Race 1-3

(One-way and three-way system settings). These trucks are designed primarily to deployment in top racing performance.




















                 NTR Fast Road


NTR Track Day  


NTR Race R1-R3


Nitron dampers are in accordance with the specifications applicable in all disciplines of motorsport like. Circuits, hills, rallies etc.
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